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Have you lost your keys or have doubts that someone might also have a duplicate of the keys? If yes, then it is time for you to rekey your locks to ensure your safety. The locks will not be changed only some changes will be made by our professional locksmiths and they will provide you a new set of keys where the old keys will not work on your locks. We have a reputed locksmith company with many years of excellent experience of providing a high quality of services to our customers in Emergencies as well as in no-s-emergency situation. Our experts have a solution to all your commercial, residential, and automobile problems. You can trust us in all your key locking matters and we will make sure to not disappoint you. We use only the latest best brand available for security and normal locks. All of our materials are used to work efficiently and quickly. We know that your time matters and our technicians make sure to maximize their efforts so they will get your minimum time.

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Personalized service

We stay in touch with our customers. Our team of experts continuously keep them informed. We don’t hide anything and come up like an open book in front of our customers. After the work is done our customer care service provider will call you to ask about your experience and whether you are satisfied or not. If you have any complaints regarding our team or their work they make sure to help you out and clear all the problems on our end.

Professional and Competent Performance

Our team of key and lock experts is well trained with high professional skills. They know how to stand out in the market and compete with the rest of others. The work like no one else and with their friendly and comfortable behavior they won’t let you feel awkward that someone stranger is inside your home. We not only train our experts in their work but also give them a complete guide about how to behave with customers and how to avoid ruining the privacy of respected customers. 

Good Brands with comprehensive service

Our services are not just limited to lock changing and repairing, instead, we provide a wide range of services with good brand material in all the sectors such as commercial, residential, and automobile.


Immediate Emergency Care

Our mobile vans are 24/7 available for your assistance, you just need to make a call no matter what is the day or time our professional care will be available in your assistance in no time. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are determined to satisfy our customers. No matter how far we have to go for or what situations we have to face unless or until our customers are satisfied, we don’t give up. Our locksmith technicians team provide services like no one else and make sure that you approve their work until then they will be in your assistance no matter what.

Edmonton Locksmith services staff and technicians are fully insured and bonded.

We can rekey a lock along with many other services

Re-Keys a lock for you

Have you recently moved to a new home? It will be better for you to Re-key all your locks because you don’t know, who might have the copy keys of your locks and it will be un-secure to live like this.  

Rekey door lock

Have you lost your keys or someone has stolen them? It is better to rekey your door lock before someone breaks in.

 Rekey car door lock

Never compromise on the safety of your car if you have doubts that someone has a duplicate of your car keys then we will recommend you to rekey car door lock. 

New Installations

Well, are you thinking, how to rekey Weiser lock? Then don’t worry our expert locksmiths know it all. They have the full knowledge of all rekey lock installations. We won’t let you get upset or disappoint just trust us and never regret it.


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If there is any service which is not mentioned in the list then don’t hesitate to contact us, our service provider will surely guide you on your problem and most probably we will be aware of how to solve your key or locking problem. So feel free to contact and get locksmith Edmonton prices unbelievably low. So stop thinking and dial locksmith Edmonton because we know that you will be satisfied with our wide range of services and a top expert locksmith. Dialing our number can solve your all locking problems from finding the product you will require in your large inventory and our network of the extensive supplier. 

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(780) 6524369